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Our Final Farewell
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Our Final Farewell

Sky's Memorial Ceremony

We begin with prayer...

God, we thank You for the joy we knew because we were privileged to share a portion of our life experience with Baby Sky. We miss him so very much.

It is difficult for us to believe that he will not be home when we get here, waiting for us to return with unfailing love and trust. ...sometimes sharp criticism.

We acknowledge that the opposite of death is birth, God, and that in Truth, all life is everlasting. We therefore celebrate the life of our beloved October Sky during the period of time that we were able to share with him in our earthly life experience. We celebrate also what we hope is his new experience free of all earthly limitations, beyond our sight.

We ask that our memories of Baby Sky always be happy ones, because he contributed so much that gave us joy during his time here.

Our precious friend Sky, you awakened the best in ourselves in your life and even now, and in that awakening, we express our feelings at the most genuine level. This memorial therefore is both sacred and healing and grants us each the opportunity for reflection on a life held dear as well as  affording us some closure as we lay your ashes to rest.

My lover boy Sky, I love you so....I send you now into God's loving hands, knowing that God created you and that God will tend to your Spirit throughout eternity. the cosmos where you now reside. There is where God's Light surrounds you, God's Love enfolds you, God's Power protects you, God's Presence watches over you -- wherever you are, God is -- and all is well.

God, Bless the Animals. We release Sky into your loving care now and ask that you comfort us during our healing. God, Bless the Animals, bless and keep our dear Baby Sky. Amen.


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