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Our Final Farewell
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Now you will roll in green grass and chase butterflies....even if only as a comfort to my mind....and I shall go on alone for a ways...finding strength somewhere amidst the sadness. I love you my Baby will always be the cat of my life. I will never stop missing you. Sky's Momma

This memorial website was created to remember the cat love of my life, October Sky who was born on August 13, 2004 and passed away on July 13, 2008. You will live forever in my memory and my heart.





Tonight I know that you are alright.
It's near three days now you've flown free of your earthly vessel.
And whatever your spirit is, life energy, your soul-
I know that you are everywhere- in everything.
Your soft fur is the cotton wood floating by.
You are the white butterfly flitting about.
Your energy encompasses my emotion
As your face takes form from a million shards of light
Out from the cosmos I feel your final goodbye.
Now you will roll in green grass and chase butterflies....
Even if only as a comfort to my mind.

I prepare to receive your ashes.
I know they are not you....
But only what I have left outside my heart....
Breaking still. Such emptiness....
And if you will return.
The pain is acute- the sting of death.
So unatural, unacceptable, unavoidable.
Pain relinquished in dying to become
The possession of those living....
For we must go on alone for a ways.
But somewhere amidst the sadness...
There is strength for the journey ahead
And joy in the journey we shared.







 I finally threw away the box
that sat there tattered and torn,
A victim of your kitty wrath.
Not one ever survived.
I kept a piece of it.
I miss you.


We open the door fully now
To friends who come and go.
Its taking some getting used to
Not worrying about each entrance and exit
......but you are no longer here
Winding around my leg under false pretenses.
I miss you.


There is no hell to catch when I come home,
No pre-dawn kitty kisses rousing me from sleep.
No more cat naps cuddled upon my chest
As if I thought I might crochet or read
......absurdity of course.
I miss you.

They called today...I am the recipient
Of a red tin can....number 1607....
The remains of your regal life.
You deserve more dignity than this....
Your paw pressed into a plaster cast
After you lay lifeless. Cold comfort.
I want to kiss the sweet little paw
That battled soap bubbles over the kitchen sink.
I miss you.


Sometimes I feel you in lucidity but no,
There is no weight upon the blanket,
You do not rest beside me any longer.
You are not here any more, any where
.......but in my heart.
Oh, how I miss you.


When all the tears I've cried are found,
That is when I will stop missing you.


copyright2008-2009Susan Markley








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